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Harpooned featured on Kotaku

January 16th, 2008 by Conor

Kotaku writes:

“Ever wanted to play the role of a Japanese science vessel performing “very important research” on Antarctic whales?

You know, that super special type of research that supposedly involves killing and eating them? Yeah, that kind.

If this sounds like you (oh dear), then you should probably check out Harpooned: Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator – unless you’re particularly sensitive to the issue, in which case just ignore the rest of this post, grab an inflatable boat and head south.”

Read the whole article here.

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7 Responses

  1. Mat

    I think this game is tasteless and is the epitome of ignorance and arrogance of our society. It is ironic that GreenPeace’s ship is named Steve Irwin while many would argue that what he’s done to wildlife is more damaging to wildlife than educational or research material. South Park has poked fun at Steve Irwin and there were also tasteless games created to mock his death. We should learn from this and not follow the same path.

  2. monoRAIL

    Mat – did you play the game before posting your comment?

  3. ryno

    hahaha that game rules i really like the range of whales, the little boats you can hit the chopper is good too.
    the difficulty might be a bit low, maybe you could make it abit harder next version, or make an option for it. also, if you could get upgrades things could be really interesting. perhaps show the different craft from the different eras of whaling. start with a boat from the 1900′s then earn mooney to get to the top notch japanese vessels. also, some sort of ending would be nice, lacks a sense of achievement.

  4. ryno

    i’ve played it like 5 times now…and finished it each time.
    i was wondering, with all recent news, can you like capture those little boats and make the occupants “disappear” instead of just more meat… i mean, no-one would actually do that.

  5. Liz_xo

    You know when your listening to the radio or browsing through comment pages and you see or hear those people who are, well i guess “overly opinionated” and don’t listen to any other opinions or facts that however reasonable, point in a direction other than their own. They hide behind long intellectually structured sentences and use words like “society” and “the Government.” To all those people who are about to comment without even playing the game why don’t you stop and try it first. You’ll save yourself the pain of realising that you just verbally attacked one of your own. He’s on your side!

  6. Brandex

    you know when i first herd and saw the game i thought “thsts disgusting only someone who is all for whaling would make something like that” but then i read the rest of the article and thought it made sense. your trying to make everyone aware of what goes on so that more people become against it and we can finally beat it. THANK YOU and good job.

    P.S – im not going to play the game because even in a simulated world i couldnt handle it

  7. wit


    So you’re a japanophile and are forced to have no idea what you are talking about because you need to defend Japan at all costs.

    Congratulations, you weigh 400 pounds.

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