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Harpooned Trailer

January 15th, 2008 by Conor

Click here to download a higher quality .wmv version [30Mb]

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5 Responses

  1. Whale Lover

    Whoever downloads this game is a heartless wrench! it is no where near cool and it is even more disappointing because it was made by Australians! DISAPPOINTED AND DISGUSTED!

  2. monoRAIL

    Actually I’m Irish not Australian.

  3. ryno

    i gotta say, i really like this game.
    im sure it was pretty hard to make, but like what i was saying about additional features on the other thread in press, do you think you’d ever expand on this idea? maybe have it so you could select your area, iceland, antartica…make it global. have competing whalers who steal your catch or pay the greenies to sabotague. there is so much you could do whilst still keeping your message.

  4. monoRAIL

    Thanks for your comments ryno – I may add more features to the game in the future.

  5. Ted

    Fantastic game! I thought the pièce de résistance was the message you get when you execute a combo: “Scientific!”

    Scientific indeed. The Japanese ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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